News – Serbia


Our scientific committee member, Pr Ana Mitrovic Jovanovic, has been interviewed by the national media (newspapers and TV) in Serbia about her job at hospital.

“We are all working for the same goal!” Pr Ana Mitrovoc Jovanovic

News – Africa

The president of our partner NAALT, Dr Terrance Baker, heavily invested in Africa to provide medical care to the locals, gives regular news about conditions there, and speaks about COVID-19 in this interview:

EMALT Summit

on Thursday, October 18th from 10am to 4pm

Venue: Institut Gustave Roussy

114 rue Edouard-Vaillant – 94805 Villejuif-Cedex

Oncology-Radiotherapy department – room 842 -1

INDOMEDICON  2018, February 16-17


VENUE : Holiday Inn, Mumbai – India

Antiaging Medicine and Research (AMAR)

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1st annual congress

EMALT first meeting was hosted by AMEC on September 15, 2017 in Grimaldi Forum (Monte Carlo, Monaco).

Thank you to our speakers for their interesting lectures:

  • Dr Euahna Varigos from Australia
  • Dr Terrance Baker from the US (president of NAALT)
  • Jan Tunér, DDS, from Sweden.

We would also like to express our gratitude to EMALT diamond sponsor, Mostleds, for making our work possible.

Dear attendees and friends, we are very grateful for your participation and / or your interest !

Damien Vila (SG)

Former post:

Join us in the AMEC of MONACO on September 16th and 17th, 201

The annual meeting of EMALT – LIGHT EURO MEDITERRANEAN ASSOCIATION FOR THERAPY – will take place during the AMEC face congress from 15 to 17 September in MONACO. The development and the recognition of this new therapy: the photobiomodulation, created fast progress in the clinical research and innovative approach of new PBM devices.

THE AMEC and MONACO were strategically chosen to allow national, international and already present participants for this event, to assist at conferences organized by EMALT with, in particular, and for the first time in Europe, the presentation of the Persons in charge of the 2 most important world Associations:

WALT with his President Praveen R. Arany, BDS, BILLIONS, MMSc., PH. D, dentist, pathologisteet bio-engineer by training

NAALT by his President Terrance L. Baker, MD, MS, Founder, chairman and CEO of Sollay, Inc.

Research, communication, exchanges, development and ethics are the EMALT foundations. In a universe in full development and, to avoid that gratitude and existence of this particularly innovative and more and more effective therapy are disrupted, EMALT wishes to defend, protect and allow PHOTOBIOMODULATION to develop in the best conditions.

Based on the experience, the work and recognition of WALT and NAALT, EMALT founders, their scientific Committee and Board of directors wish providing to everyone  – shareholders, sponsors, benefactors, but also all the scientists, therapists researchers- a clinical quality tool, a rigorous organization in the respect for its objectives, open and attractive, in the forefront of the PBM science.

We hope that you will join us and will participate in new fascinating sessions.

Claude Dalle, président

EMALT membership benefits :

  • On-line access to EMALT publications.
  • Receive electronic bulletins by the NAALT board of directors.
  • Converse with numerous scientists, clinicians and manufacturers of the whole world.
  • Attend conferences and scientific meetings.
  • Reduced registration to the annual NAALT conference.
  • Participate at the EMALT trainings.
  • Participate in the photobiomodulation development.

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Special Guests:

Dr Terrence Baker                                            Président de NAALT

Emergency doctor and geriatrician. KINGSVILLE – Maryland (USA)

Lecture: Women’s health

Founder, President, and CEO of Sollay, Inc.,

NAALT : North American Association for photobiomoduLationTherapy

Jan Tunér, DDS

PhotoBioModulation Consultant

Lecture: PhotoBioModulation – more than anti-ageing cosmetics


Dr Euahna Varigos

Specialist Anaesthetist. MELBOURNE (Australie)

Lecture: Managing peri operative pain and recovery