EMALT is an association for PHOTOBIOMODULATION development, promotion, share and defense.

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EMALT is a professional organization dedicated to all actors concerned by photobiomodulation therapy ( PBMT), LLLT, LED, wide band light and dynamic phototherapy (PDT) in Europe and in the Middle and Far East countries.

EMALT is constitued by active people divided in 3 profiles : leaders and responsibles of studies development and formation, the communication department and the administrative an juridic department.


Doctors, dentists, veterinary, paramedical,scitifics, academics, researchers, concerned by Photobiomodulation Therapy.


Adhere to EMALT is: to be equipped with a favorable space to share ideas, values, experiences, to be formed, to be informed and to defend the Photobiomodulation Therapy interest in all its use conditions.

And to take advantage of many other services: sending of paying works for a first adhesion, an underestimated or free participation in fairs in the sector.



Adhere to EMALT it is to belong to a professionals network, to develop your contacts in the world, to improve your understanding, to be at the forefront of a reliable information and an innovation time, for:

  • Improve your skills thanks to regular information, works, publications, trainings, seminaries and conferences dedicated to our theme.
  • Give You the ways to act for gratitude and valuation of Photobiomodulation Therapy in the service of the general interest.
  • Participate in the elaboration and in defense of Photobiomodulation Therapy:

EMALT, interlocutor of public authorities, carries all members positions built in committees and dedicated working groups, in front of the various national and international authorities.

  • Integrate a multidisciplinary team.
  • Benefit from the access to works and publications of the whole world but especially be able to PUBLISH YOURSELF your works and even, benefit from HELPS for these one.
  • Have access to EMALT webinars.

Which conditions complete to join EMALT?

  • Have a professional activity within the framework of our theme
  • Adhere and respect statutes and regulations of the Association
  • Have the will to develop, share, and defend our theme

Banking details to adhere:

IBAN: FR76 1660 7000 6168 1217 0442 532