Scientific Committee

Prof. Michael R. Hamblin – Boston (US)

Honorary Chairman of this Scientific Committee

He is a Principal Investigator at Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Associate Professor Harvard Medical School. He has interests in photodynamic therapy and photobiomodulation. He has published 422 peer-reviewed articles, is Editor in Chief of "Photoiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery" and Associate Editor for 10 journals.


Prof. Ana Mitrovic Jovanovic – Belgrade (Serbia)

Head of University daily Hospital for Gy and OB

School of medicine, University of Belgrade

Consultant and partner of the private Gynecology hospital for gynecology and laser therapy in gynecology

Sub specialist for reproductive medicine and president of the National Scientific committee for infertility


Experienced British-trained GP based in Harley Street, London

Special interest in Endocrinology and Bioidentical Hormones

Chronic Complex Disease Management, Functional Medicine,

Nutritional Medicine, Antiaging/Preventative Medicine and

Obesity Management.