The ordinary members of the Executive Board:


Dr Claude DALLE                President

General practitioner specialist Anti Aging

President of the French Anti-Aging Association, and Wosiam (French Association of Anti-Aging Physicians), Vice President of AEMI (European Association of Integrative Medicine) and Doxton’s Scientific Committee (Diagnostic Society for Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine). He is a member of the IHS (International Hormonal Society). Teached in Paris V Descartes Scientific Director of the AMWC Congress in Monaco

Pr René-Jean Bensadoun       Vice-President

Specialist in radiation oncology, he leads the Center of High Energy (Centre de Haute Energie) in Nice, France. He is also President Elect of WALT (World Organisation for photobiomoduLation Therapy) and a prominent scientist (more than 250 publications in peer-reviewed journals, books or book chapters).

Damien VILA      General Secretary

Electronics and Signal Processing Engineer
Agrégé in Physics and Chemistry.

Specialist in quantum medicine: body regeneration, specialty of the effects of light and sound.