PBM University Diploma

“This long-awaited first PBM university diploma is the culmination of both individual and collective work. Photobiomodulation, non-invasive and highly effective, receives its academic credentials as a science. The EMALT team is pleased to invite you to this quality teaching, in the company of an internationally renowned teaching team in the prestigious Gustave Roussy School of Cancer Sciences, Grand Paris campus.”

Damien Vila – at the initiative of this first PBM university diploma and co-founder of EMALT

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school year 2020/2021
Photobiomodulation in cancer supportive care
for medical doctors and odontologists



The objectives of the Association are:

  1. Promote and revitalize the evidence-based clinical application of LLLT and LED therapy in the fields of medical practice, dentistry, veterinary medicine and paramedical professions.
  2. Encourage any form of research in the clinical application of photobiomodulation according to recognized international standards of best practice.
  3. Promote education, encourage international cooperation and a forum for information exchange.

  4. Make EMALT the reference organism for photobiomodulation in the EURO-MEDITERRANEAN area.
  5. To be the privileged interlocutor of the authorities of each country of our zone for the accreditation of the standards in the research and the education in the laser therapy in all the disciplines.

  6. Facilitates access to information on LLLT and LED devices that comply with international standards and regulations and have scientific evidence.